As a teacher, I am deeply invested in facilitating experiences that allow students to critically explore and critique the role of writing in their lived experiences. By focusing on what Paula Mathieu has called “real world exigencies” or what might simply be called public rhetoric, I ask students consider what it means to write for public audiences and the ways we can engage in public problems we care about. I  frequently ask students to interact with their communities, tap into their own local networks and literate activities, set up service-learning partnerships, or ask students to compose for rhetorical situations they are likely to encounter in what they might call “the real world.” In this way, I situate my classroom as a critical space to cultivate a dynamic repertoire of literacy skills that help us envision a better world.

Below you’ll find a list of all the courses I’ve taught, some with links to syllabi and/or accompanying course websites. Please feel free to contact me for a full teaching philosophy, in-depth assignment sheets, or other versions of the syllabi.

University of Toledo

  • Technical Writing
  • Business Writing
  • Writing Theory (cross-listed at the graduate level)

University of California, Santa Barbara

  • Writing for Business and Administration
  • Introduction to Academic Writing
  • Writing for Public Discourse
  • Writing for the Teaching Professions

Texas Christian University

  • Intermediate Composition: Rhetoric, Identity and Knowledge in the Public Sphere
  • Intermediate Composition: Writing as Argument
  • Introductory Composition: Writing as Inquiry
  • Engaged Global Citizenship

University of Kansas

  • Introduction to American Studies
  • American Identities

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