Feel free to contact me if you would like a full version of my CV


Assistant Professor of English and Associate Director of Composition, 2017-present
University of Toledo

Lecturer, Writing Program, 2015-2017
University of California, Santa Barbara

Graduate Instructor, Department of English , 2011-2015
Texas Christian University

Teaching Assistant, Department of American Studies, 2009-2011
University of Kansas


“Collaborative Ecologies of Emergent Assessment: Challenges and Benefits Linked to a Writing-based Institution-Level Partnership,” with James Chase Sanchez, Sarah R. Robbins and Catherine Wehlburg. College Composition and Communication (Forthcoming).

“The Role of Composition Programs in De-Normalizing Whiteness in the University,” with James Chase Sanchez. WPA Journal (Forthcoming).

Branson, Tyler. “Freshman Composition is supposed to Teach ‘Academic Writing.’” Bad Ideas About Writing, edited by Drew Loewe and Cheryl Ball, West Virginia University Libraries, 2017.

“Assessing the Risks and Rewards of Problematic Partnerships: An Analysis of Three Composition MOOCs Funded by the Gates Foundation.” Writing and Composing in the Age of MOOCs, Eds. Liz Monske and Kris Blaire. Hershey, PA: IGI Global


“Writing about Writing During the Trump Administration”
Modern Language Association Annual Convention, New York City, NY, 2018 (accepted).

“Public Ecologies: A Micro Case Study of Public Writing Pedagogy”
Community Writing Conference, Boulder, CO, 2017 (accepted).

“Resources for Introducing Critical Literacy in the Business Writing Classroom”
Conference on College Composition and Communication Summer Conference, San Jose, CA, 2017.

“There’s no Inquiry in Business Writing:” Precarious Partnerships with Capitalist Curricula”
Modern Language Association Annual Convention, Philadelphia, PA, 2017.

“Cultivating Capacities for Civic Engagement through Professional Writing”
University of California Council of Writing Programs Annual Conference, Santa Barbara, CA 2017.


Member, Composition Committee, University of Toledo

Member, Technical Writing Committee, University of Toledo



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