Hi! My name is Tyler S. Branson and I’m an Assistant Professor of English and Associate Director of Composition at the University of Toledo in Toledo, OH. Prior to coming to Toledo I was a Lecturer in the Writing Program at University of California Santa Barbara and before that I was a graduate student in Rhetoric and Composition at Texas Christian University, where I completed a dissertation called: How Writing Gomuseum_photoes Public: Agitation, Intervention, and Disruption in Public Arguments about Writing in April of 2015.

My research areas are Writing Program Administration, Public/Professional Writing, and Community Engagement. Broadly speaking, I’m really interested in how people collaborate with institutions to address public problems, particularly in the context of higher education. My published work has appeared or is forthcoming in several peer-reviewed journals and a range of edited collections. I’m also currently working on a book project that analyzes what I call “problematic partnerships” and their impact on the field of Rhetoric and Composition. Feel free to click around and read more about my research and teaching. In addition, this site contains my blog, which I try to update monthly.


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